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The selection of the right entertainment package for a wedding ceremony depends on a number of factors. Firstly, if there is a definite theme for the wedding, the entertainment on offer should be in sync with it. For example, a palace wedding in Rajasthan should essentially have traditional Rajasthani folk dance and music performances by renowned artists. Similarly a Valentine wedding theme would demand a lot of instrumental music from old romantic hit numbers. Secondly, the culture and community of the wedding couple influences the choice of entertainment. For instance, the entertainment involved in a Bengali wedding is reasonably understated than say a Punjabi or Gujarati wedding. Thirdly, the budget decides the magnitude of the entertainment offered. If money is no issue then, our famous Bollywood stars may add glamour and fun to a wedding ceremony. But on a more humble note, budget constraints necessitate the role of professional wedding planners to organize an entertainment deal within given parameters.

Most of the individual events in an Indian wedding demand a specific genre of music and dance. Thus the same entertainment package will not do justice to all the occasions. For instance, in a Sagan ceremony the scale of entertainment should be a little sober and low-key than in a Mehendi or reception ceremony. Performances by male professional Gazal or Mangal Gayan artists would be wonderful since the Sagan or Tikka ceremony is conducted in the groom’s house and is by and large attended by only the male members from the bride’s family making it a male affair.

An engagement ceremony can be brought alive by a mind tingling DJ music party where all the guests and members of the host family can freely shake a leg to the amusement of each other. Professional dance troupes may also be invited to bring in a disciplined performance with a touch of finesse.

On the other hand, the Mehendi ceremony is conducted at the bride’s house where only the female friends and relatives of the bride are invited. So, folk dance and music performances by female artists from different regions of India can be orchestrated as per the community of the couple. When it comes to the reception ceremony, there is a lot of scope to entertain the guests. An assortment of Bollywood song and dance numbers performed by trained dance troupes, folkdance and music, gazhals, magic shows, DJ mixed dance numbers, simple Shehnai and flute recitals or plain instrumentals from old Bollywood movies etc can be mixed together in different proportions to arrive at a wholesome entertainment package.


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