The Use of Corporate Entertainment


Whether it is a party or formal ceremony, it would take some effort to imagine a corporate event without the element of entertainment. An entire corporate event in its broad sense (including corporate retreats, corporate Christmas parties and non-cash incentives), may seem nothing more than entertainment. The element of entertainment is also present in the schedules of such events as corporate meetings, sales conferences, product launches, trade shows and so on (why not start a conference with a stunning lights show?). In any case, entertaining programmes are far more than just having fun.

Corporate events make people come together; meanwhile an entertaining programme may bring great benefits for the company. To be more precise, corporate entertainment is a powerful tool to create and sustain the desired relationships among the employees or between the company and its clients or business associates and other groups of people depending on the purpose of the event.

For instance, non-cash incentives or corporate retreats are ideal to enhance relationships between the company and its staff. Moreover, as these are often given for groups, communication among the participants is thus inspired. Group retreats afford more time for personal interaction, so employees can to get to know one another as human beings and not just as co-workers. This ‘human factor’ is vital in corporate environment that can otherwise appear utilitarian.

Similarly, entertaining team building events, such as canoeing, sailing, karting, snowmobiling, and other team activities help to forge the spirit of community. Team building activities challenge teamwork skills needed to accomplish common goals and teach ways of co-operation, which can prove a useful experience back at work.

In the case of business meetings, an entertaining programme is a way to build business relationships. As a shared experience, it allows for a relaxed atmosphere during negotiations and increases the probability of a beneficial agreement.

Last but not least, an entertaining programme arranged for clients is a powerful tool of motivation. Feeling appreciated, customers will repay with loyalty.

Thus, the element of fun facilitates communication and tightens bonds among people, which is very important for a company who wants to maintain a positive, upbeat atmosphere at work and smooth relationships with the people outside the company: business partners, customers as well as the public.


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