Effective Video Production


n the past couple of years the industry of social media websites has exploded. Along with this is the evolution of web video marketing. Promoters have found the ability to effectively combine entertainment with information to spread throughout the internet and reach people they would otherwise not come in contact with. It is also a low cost means that provides permanency for your company on the web.

Logical thought leads to the conclusion that every company should promote through web video if they want to have an effective marketing campaign. Since attention span has dwindled through the accessibility of information at a person’s fingertips, video has reigned supreme over text when it comes to the choice between a brief video and a short paragraph. Now that you have decided to create a web video, keep in mind these five elements so that you can ensure a seamless process and best video content you can generate.

1. The first element of content you need to figure out is finding out exactly what your viewer needs and giving it to them. You need to understand that when you are promoting your product, you need to show and tell your viewer exactly what they need to here and then exactly what they need to do.

2. Come up with an outline for your web video production. This will explain exactly what you want to happen and when. Do this even before you start the video so you will know exactly what needs to happen in every stage of the process. Add details explaining the message you want to convey, the type of audience you want to reach, the type of film you are making, setting, etc. Time and money will be saved with a clear understanding of exactly what is expected before you even begin production.

3. The goal of your video is to effectively relate the information you want to provide to your audience. You cannot do this by ad-libbing. You will need a script that is written professionally and crafted in order to convey your message powerfully. A script is the most important aspect of your video and needs to be completed before any filming can get underway. This script needs to be rehearsed to ensure a fluid delivery that looks natural. Keep your message short, keeping the attention of your viewer is important and you need them to watch the video so they can complete your call to action.

4. Your audience is will being looking at the professional quality of this video. Do not try to undertake this production yourself. An unprofessional video will reflect and unprofessional look onto your company. This means you need professional equipment and software. Seek out the services of a professional production company; they will have all the means necessary to ensure a professional outcome.

5. Properly place your video. Boosting your SEO is critical if you want your information to render when keywords are inserted into a search engine. Your video should be distributed to at least two places, your homepage and YouTube. This will maximize your potential to expose your video to potential clients.


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