Divorce or Not? Learn Thalia’s Secret!


Separations are commonplace. Recently, Angélica Rivera announced that she will divorce Enrique Peña Nieto. But now, will Thalía be the case?

A few days ago, rumours surfaced that the Mexican singer divorced Tommy Mottola.

Given the facts, the interpreter decided to explain the news. He also announced what really happened in their relationship.

The singer fell silent with her latest release on Instagram. She also explained the “possible distancing” between her and her millionaire in an educated and keen manner.

According to a publication by “El Sol de México,” the artist was one of the special guests of the Grammy Awards. To everyone’s surprise, the singer arrived in the company of Mottola.

“What a party! Last night, Tommy Mottola and I attended the pre-Grammy celebration in Los Angeles, California,” says Thalia on her Instagram.

She took a photo with Tommy in the post. In this way, the Mexican artist clarified doubts about a possible divorce.

For the party of famous awards, the performer of songs like “I’m in love” and “Since that night” used an olive dress.

In the photos, the singer is very happy and especially in love with Tommy, with whom she has a relationship for more than a decade and a half.


A few days ago Thalia presented her new single Musical.

“Lindo Pero bruto” is the title of the artist’s latest single, in which Lali participated.

Argentine singer and actress Lali takes another step towards internationalization with this theme Thalía also achieves another success in her legendary career.

The Mexican artist reached the first places in the musical ranking a few months ago with the song “I do not remember”, which she plays with Natti Natasha.


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