Children’s Entertainers


Children’s entertainers can be a tricky one. Who are these people? Why do they want to do this? Will they do a good job? This article aims to answer some of these questions from a parents perspective. I am a mother of 2 living in suburbia Perth. I have organised a few parties for my children and have had some successes and some failures. Lets go into a bit more detail.

Who are these people? Are they crazy to want to spend their time with a bunch of excited children high on sugar? No. Some of these people are trained professionals who love the enthusiasm and energy of a children’s birthday party. As far as I can tell, children’s entertainers in Perth must be qualified. Whether they are teacher trained or child care trained, they must know exactly what they are doing. Having an educational background enables the entertainer to guide and control the group in a fun filled way so all of the planned activities and games are completed and a lot of fun is on the way. My eldest child has been to parties where there are children’s entertainers and you can almost tell who is trained and experienced and who is not, and it sure does make a difference.

Why do they do this? I had the liberty of attending a Sandgroper Kids Entertainment party not so long ago. I got talking to the children’s entertainer at the end of the party and she explained this well. ” The concept of Sandgroper Kids Entertainment was designed by a teacher trained mum. She was a working mum who needed to organise her child’s first birthday. She realised that on top of her day to day jobs to do it almost became to much to organise her child’s party. Surly she thought that other mothers felt the same way. That is when she developed Sandgroper Kids Entertainment, a party resource company who takes the stress off mum, while the kids have fun. First it started out as just parties, then she saw the need for additional services such as prizes, pinatas and snack packs.


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